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Form PF Quarterly Update due for all “large hedge fund advisers” (Q4)

Form PF requires a “large hedge fund adviser” to file a quarterly update within 60 calendar days after the end of its fourth fiscal quarter that updates responses to all items in Form PF (not just relating to the “hedge funds” it advises).
An adviser is a “large hedge fund adviser” if the adviser and its related persons, collectively, had at least $1.5 billion in hedge fund assets under management as of the last day of any month in the fiscal quarter immediately preceding the adviser’s most recently completed fiscal quarter.
A large hedge fund adviser may, however, submit an initial filing for the fourth quarter that updates information relating only to the hedge funds that it advises so long as it amends its Form PF within 120 calendar days after the end of the quarter to update information relating to any other private funds that it advises. An adviser that files such an amendment is not required to update information relating to their other private funds previously filed for such quarter.