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Quarterly Form 13H Amendment due

Exchange Act Rule 13h-1 requires a large trader to identify itself to the SEC and promptly make certain disclosures to the SEC on Form 13H. Following this initial filing of Form 13H, all large traders must make an amended filing to correct inaccurate information in the form promptly (within 10 days) following the quarter-end in which the information became inaccurate.

A large trader is defined as any person that directly or indirectly exercises investment discretion over transactions in listed US equity securities and listed options in an aggregate amount equal to or greater than (A) during a calendar day, either two million shares or shares with a fair market value of $20 million; or (B) during a calendar month, either twenty million shares or shares with a fair market value of $200 million.

A large trader that is required to submit a quarterly Form 13H amendment for the fourth quarter may instead submit a “Joint Annual and Amended (4th Quarter) 13H Filing.” Doing so will additionally satisfy the requirement to file an annual Form 13H amendment within 45 days of year end.